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Myth_hehuan1 - Tue Jul 12, 2022 4:58 pm
Post subject: Complex 9.1 Bug
hello everyone, i'm still playing the classic HW2 with its last update complex 9.1 mod. however i found a bug that AI warship "hgn_battleship" cannot fire nuclear bombs even if the AI ship already built the "Nuclear Bomb Battery (Rear)" subsystem. i think it's because an ai-related research definition is missing in research.lua for hiigaran.


Name = "nuclear4",
RequiredResearch = "isai",
RequiredSubSystems = "",
Cost = 0,
Time = 0,
DisplayedName = "",
DisplayPriority = 0,
Description = "",
UpgradeType = Ability,
TargetType = Ship,
TargetName = "Hgn_Vortex",
UpgradeName = "UseSpecialWeaponsInNormalAttack",
Icon = Icon_ImpBombs,
ShortDisplayedName = "", },

this piece of code indicates that AI Vortex can uses special weapon nuclear bombs in normal attack, rather than press "Z" key to activate like human players.
well, i locate the definition in research.lua, but i searched the whole mod thoroughly, still cannot locate the exact file that ai actually do the research called "nuclear4" ? it is certain not in cpuresearch.lua.
ALC - Sat Jul 16, 2022 9:08 pm
Post subject:
Hi. This is one that Oni might be able to answer.
He is around regularly, you should receive a reply shortly, hopefully with a fix!
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