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Olantigh - Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:55 pm
Post subject: Homeworld 3
Just found out the Gearbox are developing the sequel to Homeworld 2, yes its taken 16 years for them to start developing the third instalment and no its not a fan version.
See the website: Fig.co/homeworld3 or go to YouTube for the advert!
Oh by the way there is downside, its not going to be released until 2022...
See some of the arty stuff from the website- looks promising?
Oni - Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:47 pm
Post subject:
Lets wish them good luck!
To me it looks like BBI project under wings of IP owners gearbox.
From the trailer the people look at HW Remastered like they were never seen any 3D RTS game before.
I am expecting game like deserts of kharak in space.

When we were working on HW Remastered at that time there was a document called Homeworld 3 design document.
I am not sure about my feelings when i was reading it. But i wish they will try copy game mechanics or get inspiration from complex mod.
ALC - Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:23 pm
Post subject:
Let us hope that they do a proper job of developing it and give us a good Homeworld 3 based solidly on Homeworld 2.

2022 will be here before we know it!
Oni - Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:27 pm
Post subject:
Technicli it is 2023, since end of the year 2022 is basicli marketing of earli 2023.
ALC - Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:17 pm
Post subject:
Might be ready for the Christmas market in 2022, and January sales in 2023!
I wonder if there will be information and teasers released during the development process.
Sithicus - Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:32 am
Post subject:
I have to admit that my heart went a bit faster when I heard the news. Let's hope that we won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping Beghins will keep improving Complex further.
Battlemaster - Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:04 pm
Post subject:
Frankly, I'm not going to be diving into delusions here, after playing the so-called "Remastered" version of the game. Even "buffed" with complex mod, HWR is not even close to original HW 2 + HWC v9. (BTW, I might try to play it)

Just don't get me wrong. I wish that HW 3 would be a really great game, but I'm afraid, it's just going to be another an eye candy game. The visual part is going to be great, but other aspects like mechanics and others might suffer fate which is common to most modern games- uncompleted and unbalanced. Even such great projects, like SW Battlefront 2 which I do like pretty much, has those flaws. P

But anyway, those are good news, and I wish all the best luck to developers and great patience reserves to fellow gamers.
ALC - Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:30 pm
Post subject:
Heh, I still prefer the original game too!

Lets see what HW3 turns out like - if they have any of the original talent working on it, it might surprise us.
Still, I think game companies are more interested in making a return from their products rather than serving us players with original gaming experiences.

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