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General - Complex 13.4 "Battlefield" Gametype Review

mrkhor - Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:23 am
Post subject: Complex 13.4 "Battlefield" Gametype Review

1) Is it possible to add a button to disable any capital ship's resource system. i am more particular to the debris RU resource . The purpose is, i can monitor where shall my Resource Collector to load off its RUs or Debris to enhance my RU supply. I am been frustrating the Debris unload speed on the Hiigara mothership because it is too slow. when there are group of Resource Collector try to unload their debris, it took too much time and killed easily like a sitting duck.

2) Unit highlight layout (The "Tab" button). i wish i could have 1 more mode out from 3 modes to the lay out.

mode 1: no unit highlighted
mode 2: unit highlighted partially depending on zooming distance.
mode 3: Unit fully highlighted + stat effect radius displayed
suggested mode 4: Unit Fully highlighted without STAT RADIUS

3) The ATI (Advance Tactical Interface), i wish it could zoom in much more. like the old/ non-remastered homeworld 2 interface. if it can readjust to the old homeworld 2 spec would be nice.


1) Since been playing this game survived and win more than 12 wave rounds, there are few rounds where the AI never send enemy to attack me. At that "no enemy boring round", i forced to wait the timer timed out in order to continue next round.

2) Similar problem based on "Problem 1)", there are also few rounds where the AI did send enemy to attack and i finish them off but the game do not recognize i have defeat the enemy wave round thus i do not get the extra RUs when time out.

3) The ambient sound effect is bugging me, when we zoom-in close to ship / ru asteroid, we will hear the ambient sound or the ship operating sound. but sometimes those sound do not goes off for quite a long time when i zoom out from the scene.

4) I have played the "Battlefield" game type few times, I Survived & Win up to Round 12 but i got bored because the AI never sent Capital class battleship to attack me. 12 rounds of wave the AI still attack me with only Up To Frigate class ship. I could continue to higher round if i want to but it is too boring and not challenging.

5) Does the AI will run out of RUs to send enemy at higher wave round? if so, the AI could not make stronger and stronger fleet as the wave round continues to higher and higher. this is bad.

Wish you guys all the best!!![/b][/u]
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