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Planning a Halo Total Conversion mod for Starcraft 2
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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 12:16 pm    Post subject:  Planning a Halo Total Conversion mod for Starcraft 2
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Original topic on Bnet:
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to start off this topic by properly introducing myself, as I intend to lead a project with the goal of creation of a Halo mod for SC2.

My name is Nakamura(as you can see), the project leader of the Age of Mythology: The titans Fan Patch, former project lead of the Complex Enhanced mod for Homeworld 2 (and balancing associate of the Complex mod), and assisting developer of the Sins of the Prophets mod for Sins of a Solar empire. Some of these you may have heard of (especially complex, duh).

My focus as a mod developer is mainly in the design and balance area, but I'm a quick learner when it comes to programming, too. Currently I don't have much experience with the SC2 editor, but it seems less complicated than the naked code I'm used to working with - by the time the mod is bound to leave concept stages, I will have the necessary skills(and helping hands hopefully) to create the mod. Recently I've played around with the thought of creating a Halo themed total conversion mod for Starcraft.

This would basically create a huge opportunity to undo the damage that Ensemble Studios did to the Halo franchise when they released Halo Wars for the xbox.
Clearly Starcraft 2 is the best modern RTS out there, both when it comes to mechanics, accessibility to modding and the game itself (free arcade is HUGE for modders, meaning that this mod will be fully F2P) along many, many positive features. What I would like to do here is assembling a team that would be willing to carry through with this immense project.

But before that, I would like to share a list of main concepts that I wish to enforce on the mod in order to make it as professional as possible, and in order to satisfy you, the potential fans.

So the 10 point list is as follows:

1) The mod will retain the main, non racial mechanics of Starcraft 2. Minerals, vespene gas, supply, main unit commands, unit energy for given abilities will all be in the game, as you are used to them.

2) Asymmetrical design and balance will not be taken to the extremes. All races will be able to deal with what is thrown at them, given proper preparation and execution. Unit design will be focused on making everything unique and not overlapping. The goal is to keep the skill requirement to be near-equal between factions, as well.

3) Units, with the exception of workers will not be able to shift into each other. This design decision provides battles on a larger scale, including multi-pronged skirmishes. It also effectively fights the much complained about "deathball" phenomena.

4)Each ability will require a certain type of mechanical skill to be used. Each ability will also have counters, either through moving units away from the effect, or setting up different, specific countermeasures (counter-spells, perhaps).

5) The mod will run on the "normal" speed. This will make newer players more easily get into the game, as the timer doesn't appear to be "off". The fast pace of SC2 will be achieved through unit stats, not through a time speed manipulation. If my information is correct, this taxes the hardware less, too.

6) The UNSC and Covenant will definitely be featured. Further factions will be up for internal discussion. The multiplayer aspect of the mod is not for storytelling. Sub-factions such as the insurrectionists, Covenant loyalists/separatists would only make the design clumped and overlapping. If we are to build a campaign, things like factions can be featured there, maybe.

7) No copyrighted material will be used - most assets will be created, but hopefully other mod teams will be lending us assets to speed up development.

8 ) The scale of the mod has no limits. If we can get popular enough, becoming an E-sport would be desirable, if legally applicable (such as DOTA did). Otherwise, community based events can go a long way, too.

9) The development team will consist of 4 departments: Designers/balancers, programmers, artists, and testers, who are going to be interns of the design/balance group mainly. It is recommended for each applicant to stick to only 1 department, as working in multiple can be quite tasking - just like with "real jobs".

10) Further into development, donations will be possible. These will be obviously greatly appreciated and spread out evenly for motivating the team. Donations may see use in cash tourneys as well, if legally applicable.

So these are the (very basic) concepts I would want a Starcraft based Halo RTS to have. Please add me on the sc2 client on AM servers (Nakamura #474), or join the "Halo total conversion" group, which is also on the client. A dedicated forum is available here:
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If you wish to help out, you need to qualify to be in either of the following:

•Programmer(works in the editor, codes stuff)
•Artist(makes models, etc)
•Designer/ Balancer(the creative mind behind the scenes/polishes design and unit stats)
•Sound Artist(creates music, unit speech, etc)

You may contact us on the mentioned forum in case you wish to be a part of this.

Testers will be only needed when the mod is in alpha. Share your thoughts on what you think should be in a Halo mod... and some name suggestions would be great, as the team hasn't managed to come up with any just yet!



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