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Complex Empire
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:38 pm    Post subject:  Complex Empire
Description: The Total Amalgamation Mod Is Almost Complete
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In my other thread I will continue to detail the progress of this mod, but here I will devote primarily to the essential overview and user-guide:

Complex Empire

This mod seeks to combine the talents of all contributing members of the community in an effort to leave no stone unturned. Every available HW2 Classic mod has been combined in order to bring you this expansion of the Complex concept. This is for the long-player; the empire builder. This is not a game that will end within a few hours.

Key Concepts:
    1) Sub-Stations Matter A Great Deal
    a. Sub-Stations are small, satellite stations buildable only by the Mothership as expansions of its basic systems

    b. There are now 15 sub-stations that make up this entourage. These facilities are very important as they provide the gateways to almost everything else. Rushing strategies that seek only to target these sub-stations might be the only means of carrying out a successful and impactful raid…but be warned, these structures are not easily vanquished in the early game.

    2) Mothership Manufacturing Restrictions
    a. The mothership is able to manufacture only the basic versions of each ship class

    b. Due to the inefficient nature of attempting to produce such a wide variety of ships all in one facility, the mothership produces ships at a rate of about 50% that of dedicated factories

    3) Focuses Add Variety To Gameplay

    a. There are now 13 different focuses available for the player to choose so that no match against an opponent need ever be played out with the same strategy

    b. Each focus is mutually exclusive, providing unique stations, ships, research, and abilities

    4) Enhanced Economy
    a. There are now several different ways to earn R.U.s throughout the game beyond the basic harvesting depending on which focus is chosen and which ships are built

    b. Economic activity scales up with the introduction of multiple mineral type harvesting and the availability of industrial and commercial stations and ships

    5) Unit Types

    a. There are 4 different unit types available to deploy depending on which focus is chosen. They are:

    i. Home Fleet (unit-cap based on population)
    ii. Mercenary (unit-cap based on one-shot fleet)
    iii. Ally (unit-cap based on honour)
    iv. Trade Group (unit-cap based on resources)

    6) Weapon Types
    a. The 6 different weapon types now have different levels of impact based on which shields are being used

    b. Beam weapons have further been broken down into 11 sub-categories which will be implemented in Phase II of this mod

    7) Unit Classes
    a. Unit classes have been expanded to 39 different categories

    b. Small weapons will typically not penetrate larger targets while larger weapons are unable to target smaller ships

    8) Gameplay
    a. The overall concept is to build up your economy and/or forces however you prefer before launching an assault on your opponent while keeping in mind the following important strategic differences:

    b. Rushing Strategies Against The Mothership Will Simply No Longer Work
    i. The Mothership and corresponding stations have been furnished with sufficient staying power that all efforts to rush your opponent prior to building up a sizeable fleet will be entirely in vain

    c. Only Carriers and Flagships can hyperspace directly; all other ships must use gates or dock with one of the two hyperspace class above
    i. This means that Carriers play a strategic role in positioning your fleet and that it is no longer possible to jump in and out of an area without some advanced planning
    ii. Placing a fleet in the wrong sector can now be a serious mistake
    iii. Multiple fleets of various sizes guarding strategic points rather than one large, jump-fleet is probably the best way to survive

    d. Bigger is not always better
    i. Without Hyperspace being available to larger ships they can now be outflanked by smaller, swifter moving fleets so considerations must be made before always investing in larger technology
    ii. Bombers also always remain strong assets against capital ships

    e. Except when it is
    i. Stations are strong and meant to last—a wartime society that does not invest the utmost importance into the hull strength of its most vital asset is not likely to long survive
    ii. The best means of dealing with them is the use of large ships. Anything less than a cruiser will have minimal impact

    f. Defensive perimeters can be important
    i. Without hyperspace jumps making the battlefield entirely random, it is now possible to visualize pathways of most probable attack and plan accordingly

    g. Stations, Carriers, are expensive…
    i. …and so is almost everything else so do not expect to be able to build large fleets early. The best strategy is to manage reasonable resource operations guarded by small fleets until your economy has matured. Things will scale up fairly quickly once this has been allowed to progress properly

    h. If slow moving ships are taking too long to traverse space, consider using one of the station tug ships to guard it. This will greatly increase its speed.

    i. Stations (other than sub-stations) have one-shot movement so position them carefully!
    i. This is to underscore the fact that population centers should largely be stable and set up with long-range planning in mind from the onset.

    j. This is not meant to be a quick game
    i. Set aside some serious time if you plan to play a game to completion—it will take a while
    ii. There are well over 1800 unique ships/stations (~3000 due to repetition) in this game as well as 5000 different weapons so take some time to explore as deeply as you like—chances are you will not see all of them even after many different games

    k. The Vaygr will never be able to have the same array of options as the Hiigarans due to limitations in the game engine so if you are playing against the AI it is recommended that you group multiple Vaygr opponents under a single unified team in order for them to have a fair chance of giving a challenge. If playing against human players it is recommended all choose Hiigaran.

    9) The system requirements for this game are a lot heavier than the vanilla version

    a. Because of the 2 GB limitation of this game engine the best possible performance will come from a high-end video card with sufficient memory

    b. Yes, it will take a while to load on most systems, but do not panic, as it runs fairly gracefully afterwards
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:53 pm    Post subject:  
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Complex Empire is also a merger of Complex and Warlords, right?
I'll have a Neutron Blaster please...
...No Neutron Blasters...
In that case I'll have a glove...
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Gender: Gender:Male
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:01 pm    Post subject:  
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Yes it is one and the same Smile
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