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Complex 13 and Hello
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:07 am    Post subject:  Complex 13 and Hello
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Hey everyone.

I'm new to the forums but have played a lot of this mod along with Simplex. This is not a post about comparing the two.

Just so far I want to say I really love whats being done here. I Honestly cant wait for the new races as the Kadesh are my second favorite race, so I'm super excited to see them soon and will be patreoning the $5 dollar and above mark soon for it and more to come moving forward.

Just wanted to mention a few thoughts I've had about the mod so far, mainly weird balancing stuff.

1. Turanic Raiders
This race appears to have a lot of love. I understand the balancing behind them as a race being much less powerful later on, however it also feels like theyve gotten some favors. Dont get me wrong, this is my favorite race at the moment as they just destroy everything. But I thought id mention that in their early games its not too hard to complete a match with a 10x score 5-6x faster just due to their researching speed vs the AI's aggressiveness.

It costs 3000 to max production, and 3000 to max resourcing. Yes every unit needs upgrades, but this makes max research bomber rushing seriously easy against the AI since they tend to attack in waves (small or large) and your wave of bombers plus a couple max research interceptors means in a 1 on 1 so far in testing the other races in AI anyway dont know how to handle this.

This could be me getting used to it though Smile I havent played homeworld in a few years or so so I'm still picking things up. I mean I love the race and I've tried em all a few times, just feels like all the other races took me a few hours.

It does mean you have to win quick though, they dont seem to have a lot of late game power especially with the unit caps being the way they are now.

2. Astroid AI
Thought I would mention, especially in the astroid map thats astroid heavy, the ships dont appear to know they are there. This leads to a lot of lost battles where all your ships while flying around or running away tend to just smash into the astroids. The AI knows to navigate these well and rarely hits them, but when it comes to your ships flying around they dont know what to do.

3. Vaygr Battleships feel weird.
4 of these sure did get ripped apart really quickly... I'm not sure what was goin on with that, I felt like they should have lasted longer.

4. The modules on the ships vs Corvettes/Fighters.
Maybe this was just a me thing, but the turrets/ship weapons that are rated to be good against fighters/corvettes appear to do too little damage. Feels like a giant ship like a mothership should be able to handle a small squad of fighters when it has a bunch of rapid sweeper turrets, however it did not appear to be the case but ill keep trying.

So far the only modules for the motherships that appear worth their cost (as they dont cost much less than a squad of interceptors a piece) are the ones designed to fight frigates/capital ships.

5. Balance focus on Capitals/Frigates.
This one is a little weird to bring up but, the capitals feel like they fight eachother well. The frigates feel like they are designed to... Though are a little too strong against capitals.

BUT! aside from a few frigates designed to focus fight fighters (which im testing and is race specific) and a weird missle destroyer that seems to work well against them, nothing really seems to handle bombers and interceptors well capital or battle capital, or for that matter platform wise. it seems like there is potential for expensive fighter focused platforms here, while I like the customizability of the other ones, I seriously doubt their capacity to challenge a unit limit maxed set of corvettes and fighters that are research maxed, especially bombers.

6. Research based Fighters dont seem worth it just yet.
Again still researching, but it appears so far that they die faster than the initial fighters, and do less damage in the long run due to their reduced durability, it feels much more worth it to pump out more of the smaller fighters over time.

Especially since the best thing for handling fighters in this game appears to be a few specific frigates, and a destroyer. Or the astroids floating around.

I dont mean any of this to be negative Smile Really just random thoughts on how things look for right now its not bad and I love the mod Smile Cant wait to start throwing money for the Kadesh to come out as soon as possible Smile

Oh and last mini thing! Can we get more Dark maps? I like the backgrounds and some of them are super aesthetically pleasing depending on your color choices, but black maps just look deliciously vivid on my Samsung TV Smile
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